Film Title (English): The Forbidden Story

Genre: Drama/Fantasy/Experimental

Language: Hindi

Subtitles: English

Cast: Gangji Bhanushali, Dev Thakkar

Story/Concept/Screenplay & Directed By : Hiren Dave

Cinematography: Sangram Giri

Editing/ Background Score: Hiren Dave

Visual Effects: Hiren Dave

Runtime: 9 Minutes

Produced By: Hiren Dave

Production: Hiren Dave Productions

Production Country: India


A 20 year old boy, for whom his dreams are everything, thinks that the stars he sees every night are his best friends.

Synopsis 2:

Aditya remembers his father's abstract advice in two different phases of his life.

Theory Behind This Film: many light years..away..& their light..years and years they take to reach our earth..The Star, whom you are watching ... might not even be existing..It may have vanished years ago....This is possible too........Yet..We trust these stars...We have FAITH....We BELIEVE.

Brief Storyline:

Dreams... What are these dreams??? Right from the very next moment we're born, our mind whether it is conscious or unconscious, starts to think of achieving all the possible and impossible things. In our whole life we wish of so many such things... and we keep on wishing...forever.

And it is true also that till you don't wish for something, you don't get that... maybe because you don't want that.

However we trust with our eyes closed on so many supernatural powers and myths whose existence is doubtful... After all, how long can we trust blindly on our dreams?

Is there any truth about existence of any power above 'Karma' (deed)? Can we go on wishing forever? How true these dreams could be?

Just like that, we humans trust so much on these thousands twinkling stars. Stars, whom we can see have always been doubtful of their existence. These stars whom we can see are so many light years away from us. It takes so many light years for their light to reach earth. It might be possible that the star... which we are looking at and making a wish... it might not exist.. it may have vanished years ago.. and the light of that star which we're looking at has already been turned into darkness.

Still we trust so much on these stars... Who's true?? What's true??? How long can we trust on these stars and dreams? They both tell the same story – UNCERTAINITY.

Who doesn’t like to see dreams?

In everybody’s life, these dreams are of greater importance.

A 20 year old boy, for whom his dreams are everything, nothing else is more important to him other than his dreams, thinks that these stars whom he uses to see every night from his window are his best friends & he seeks his dreams within these stars. Everyday, his parents try to explain him not to trust these stars too much.

But, he has gone so deep down into these stars and dreams that he is not ready to understand the truth about the fact behind these twinkling miracles.

And when he realized the truth, it’s very late. He wants to go back where he was mistaken but that time has passed. And now when has last few breaths left, he realized that he achieved nothing more than a lesson to learn about the stars.

Often, he hears voices from his past memories. The advice from his father.....

Still he is watching these stars the same way he used to watch since childhood but something has changed….THE VISION.

He still has dreams but now, the link between the dreams and the stars is no more. This time his eyes are open.

Award Won in Film Festival

-The Forbidden Story has won three awards in Filmsaaz09 National Short film festival 2009 including best Cinematography, Best Sound Effects & Best Special Effects..and in a same festival also nominated including Best Short Film, Best Editing and Best Background Score.

-The Forbidden Story has won Best Director award in Cabin Fever Film Fest 2014, Tecumseh, Michigan, United States.

-The Forbidden Story has won an award for “Outstanding Cinematography” in an international film category in 2014 Autumn Shorts Film Festival, Somerset, Kentucky (USA). Also nominated for Best Short Film.

Official Festival Selections/ Screenings:

- FILMSAAZ 09, National Film Festival of Short Films and Documentaries (26th Feb -2nd March 2009).

- 2nd International Documentary & Short Film Festival, Kerala (19-25 June 2009) @ Sree theatre.

- Anonimul International Film Festival, Danube Delta, Sfantu Gheorghe (10-16 August 2009) Romania.

- CSODA - MIRACLE, XIV. Faludi International Youth Film Festival 2009 (21 Nov 2009) Budapest, Hungary.

- Naoussa International Film Festival 2010 at Naoussa's Municipal theatre, Greece.

- Romania International Film Festival (Ro-IFF) 2010 at Museum of Romanian Peasant, Bucharest, Romania.

- 15 Second Film Festival, Belfast Mela, 2011, Belfast. Northern Ireland.

- Comfy Shorts DECEMBER EDITION 2013, Melbourne CBD, Australia.

- 7th International Children's Film Festival, Bangladesh, 2014.

- Cabin Fever Film Fest 2014, Tecumseh, Michigan, United States.

- Shorts@Fringe, Azores Fringe Festival 2014, Madalena, Pico, Portugal.

- Autumn Shorts Film Festival, Somerset, Kentucky USA, 2014.

- The Vagrant Film Festival, 2014.

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