Hiren Dave is a upcoming experimental film maker, 38 years old. He has already done much work in Visual Effects as a Visual Effects Supervisor/Effects Artist/Producer. In recent years most remarkable work as a Visual Effects Artist/Supervisor (uncredited) in the science based series “THE WORLD OF NANO” which was telecasted on National TV, DD-1. He designed and developed Visual effects content with Broadcast quality & high end standards. His passion of film-making has inspired him to make few short films. For him film-making is more than just Lights, Camera and Action. His area of interest as a film-maker is to make films related to Human Values, Fantasy and Periodic War Subjects.

In 2008, He has produced/directed his first film titled “The Forbidden Story” which appreciated one of the most technically perfect Indian short film, and officially selected in many film festivals across the globe.

"THE FORBIDDEN STORY' has won several awards including Best Director award in Cabin Fever Film Fest 2014, Tecumseh, Michigan, United States. Also won an award for “Outstanding Cinematography” in an international film category and nominated for Best Short Film in 2014 Autumn Shorts Film Festival, Somerset, Kentucky (USA). Film has won three awards in Filmsaaz09 National Short film festival 2009 including best Cinematography, Best Sound Effects & Best Special Effects, and also nominated including Best Short Film, Best Editing and Best Background Score.

End of 2008, He was involved with Experimental film titled “DEAD END 17” as a Visual Effects Director/Editor/Cinematographer. Film was inspired from BLAIR WITCH PROJECT.

In 2011, He has made a video Called “EXPEDITION MALEDICTION” which was collaboration with Underground Brazilian Music Producer AlienAqtor, has officially selected & screened in one of the popular event in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in Summer of Culture. This event is Organized and supported By Department Of Culture, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

In 2014, He has produced 23 min long cinematic masterpiece Nirvana / a Cinematic Montage of " Relativity Of Events " which has officially selected in 8th International Children's Film Festival, Bangladesh.

In 2018, an Experimental Gujarati Feature Film “ Chottu 2 Cutting” as a Cinematographer/ Director of Photography. Produced/Directed By Tarun Cinema.





- Concept Design & Development.

- Video Editing

- Visual Effects (VFX) Development.

- Post Production Design & Development.

- Cinematography (Experimental Based).

- Film Pre-Production Design & Development.

- Film Direction.

- Still Photography

Area of Working:

Film Production, Concept Development & Direction. Editing and Visual Effects for Films and Television.

Other Works:

He has done many projects as a freelancer including VFX stuffs for television for many production houses & many end clients.

-Logo Animation of Celebration Motion Pictures, Vea Durch Innovations, Marian Wagner Music, Shamaroo Motion Pictures.

-Tele-Shopping/WWS Dant Pari ( Pari Animation & Effects).

-Some Visual Effects Shots For Horror TV Serial “ROOH”.. which is telecasted on Zee.

-Fooltoo Pagal Hai …Telecasted on Zee smile.

-Rigman Water Pump ad (Supervised post production effects).

-Title Logo of Bhram. ( TV Serial)

-Title logo animation of Akhand Saubhagyawati.(TV Serial)

-2 min ad film ‘she’ (VFX Direction & Editing).

-Short film “Smoky Shadow” - Direction/Camera/Editing/Effects


-Logo design/Animation for German Rock Band “Rainborn”

-Logo design/Animation for “Tarun Cinema”

-Short ad/introduction video produced for

-Malaysian Short Film “IN LOVING MEMORY” (2011) as a Visual Effects Producer.

-CINEMATOGRAPHER/Director of Photography: Gujarati Feature Film “ Chottu 2 Cutting”

-Logo Design for Hotel Hari Mangla, 2018.

And Many more..