AlienAqtor EXPEDITION MALEDICTION (An Indo Brazilian Creative Collaborations), 2011.

Direction/Cinematography/Editing/Vfx By Hiren Dave

Music By Harlem Pinheiro aka AlienAqtor


Where will their search for the unknown lead to? Beyond the roads, forest, trails and signs. What lies behind the ways they're walkin' through? Could it bring out something so revelatory on their lives? Check for yourself and enter this imagery-fueled trip!"

Official Selection:

AlienAqtor EXPEDITION MALEDICTION Video officially selected & screened in one of the popular event in Rio De Janeiro, Brasil in Summer of Culture event, Arte.Agora: Estação Tecnológica (Art Now: Station Technology). This video displayed with one of the Brazilian Music which is made by Harlem Pinheiro, who is Brazilian Underground Music Producer Harlem Pinheiro aka AlienAqtor from PSICOTROPICODELIA MUSIC [NETLABEL] Brasil.

In this section 21 Different Artist has been selected from Brasil, Argentina, Spain, France & India. In this section of the exhibition are displayed with the work of the use of new technologies. This event is Organized and supported By Department Of Culture, Rio De Janeiro, Brasil.